MB SD C4 Please insert batteries and initialization failed

Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 MB Star diagnostic system “Please insert batteries” and

“Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed” solution are provided.

One of the Mercedes MB SD Connect C4 user has the problem when using the star C4 diagnostic system.
Error 1: Please insert batteries.

Error 2: Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed


Possible reason:
He has not got the MB SD C4 connected with Dell D630 laptop to build communication.
Check the SD Connect C4 icon on the bottom of the toolbar, power on the SDConnect and connect the diagnostic scanner with computer, if the #21 device displays in “x” status,it indicates the C4 multiplexer is not well connected or well configured,how to tell:

1.Open laptop Local Network Connection->SD C4 WLAN,disconnect then connect to check if network connection has changed. If the network remains unchanged,change another laptop and do the same setting.

2.If network status did not change on any laptops,then change a new LAN cable.If still no changes,you have to send back your SD C4 main unit for repair.

How to use Chinese MB SD C4 WIFI with Dell D630 correctly?

How to use Chinese MB SD C4 WIFI with Dell Laptop D630 correctly? And make it works like charm, there are some important tips the users are supposed to follow, otherwise the error may be followed. Go on reading following parts, I am sure you will find it helpful.

Following parts are collected from MB SD C4 users’ experience, which will guide the first beginners how to use MB SD C4 correctly.

Feedback: MB Star C4 with Laptop via Wifi connectivity

It is plug and play, I just plug the HDD from seller to my Dell D630 Laptop and all I needed to do was activate WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS with “activation keys” by following pdf:

Using External HDD feedback:

I have been playing with xentry for about a year now and had similar problems,

The external HD is slow and you have permanent trouble with the com port setting.

No matter if you use a virtual machine or the direct installed software.

All com ports have to be named Com2 and speed set to 9600 or 115200 in system settings. No matter if the are USB ore not.

I tried the USB converter but the setting changed every time i plugged it in.


No Copy: I got very frustrated with the Chinese clones an my experience with there support was less pleasant.
Specially the so called “Chinese lock” that prevents you from HD copy’s and creating backups.

2) No update: My background is in computer science so I went out and tried to Install the Software from scratch.

After endless hours on the computer and purchase of some Key Generators and CD’s, I was able to Install

Xentry / DAS SD Connect / WIS / EPC / PL69 SD Media / Starfinder / Vediamo

and convert it to offline use.

This setup runs way faster, does not try to update or connect to MB server and works so fare on 3 different computer types.

Some unpleasant experience, but finally works great:

In the meantime I upgraded to a C4 same bad experience with the Chinese source first one worked but the display was not functioning.

The second one started smoking when I put the batteries in. Reason was the purely glued battery contacts created a short to the housing. After fixing this issue the C4 works great.

Compare with C3:

SD C4 is faster than the C3 no more com port issues it uses Ethernet or WiFi.

How to update Handy Baby Car Key Copy to 5.2.0 Version

Handy baby key programmer v5.2.0 is released. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to update handy baby 5.2.0.

Software free download:

Handy baby software 5.2.0

How to update car key copy 5.2.0:

1) Turn off the key programmer, connect the device with computer using USB cable

2) Open the update tool JDM.exe

3) Open and click “Open the files”

4) Locate the update tool and open it

5) Back to the software update program

6) Power on the device, the screen will display “Updating…”

7) Update is in progress

8) Update successfully

Review on HANDY BABY 5.2.0 update and decode 48 chip

update-handy-baby-5.2.0-1-768x432 update-handy-baby-5.2.0-2 update-handy-baby-5.2.0-3-768x432 update-handy-baby-5.2.0-4-576x1024 update-handy-baby-5.2.0-5-768x432 update-handy-baby-5.2.0-6

Clone handy-baby 5.2.0 NEW functions:

1) Copy transponder:46/4D/4C/13/some of 48 tansponders.

2) Write data to tansponders:46/48/4D/4D+/8A.

3) Identify transponders:

11/12/13/40/42/44/46/ 47/4C/48/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/70/71/72G/83/8A.

4) Generate 4D transponders:61/62/63/64/65/67/68/70/71.

5) Generate JMD8 to fixed 48 transponder(unrepeatable).

6) Copied fixed transponders:46/4D/4C.

7) Update online.