(2017-09-27) Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer Update to V4.6.0

 Original Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software update to V4.6.0 (2017-09-27). The new upgrade adds new NEC+24C64 dashboard cars.

Software version: V4.6.0
Firmware version: V4.6.0
*** 2017-09-27
*** Require firmware V4.6.0
===== VAG V4.6.0 =====
1.Auto Key Programmer Support the new NEC+24C64 dashboard after 2014.06, support Black/White, color TFT, 3D dashboard, include following cars:
VW T5 2014.06-2016
VW T6 2015.06-2017
VW Sharan 2014.06-
VW Passat 2014.06-2016
VW Caddy 2014.06-2017
VW Jetta 2014.06-2016
VW Scirocco 2014.06-
VW Tiguan 2014.06-
VW Touran 2014.06-
VW EOS 2014.06-
VW CC 2014.06-2016
VW Golf 2014.06-
VW Amarok 2014.06-
Skoda Yeti 2014.06-
Seat Alhambra 2014.06-
Audi A1 2014.06-
Audi Q3 2014.06-
Attention: Don’t support MQB platform
2. Bugfix for BCM2 dump tool
3. Bugfix===== BMW V4.6.0 =====
1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn
2. Support auto backup ECU ISN data, files saved at: My Document->VVDI2->FEM_BDC
3. Bugfix===== Porsche V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== PSA V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix===== Transponder Programmer V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix for old wire remotes
2. Add english database, require change VVDI2 register area, contact dealer for help
3. Bugfix===== J2534 V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Online Upate Tool V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Quick Start V4.6.0 =====
1. Bugfix
Free Download VVDI2 V4.6.0 Software

How to W166 all key lost used CGDI Prog MB

CGDI Prog MB user manual: how to program a new key with CGDI Prog key programmer when all Mercedes-Benz W166 keys are lost

CGDI Prog MB how to use:

select Lock (EIS)

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (1)

click on Read EIS data

select Compute password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (2)

select Copy key without Auto Key Programmer

click on Collect data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (3)

prepare to collect data. pls. don’t move:

  1. waiting to read the lock data
  2. insert the simulation key into the lock
  3. start collecting it will take a long time; do not disconnect the CGDI-MB device
  4. collection completes. pls. save data, then click on Update data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (4)

follow CGDI-MB software instruction

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (5)

collecting data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (6)
CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (7)

data acquisition success. save data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (8)

Update data

open data you just saved

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (9)

update data successfully

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (10)

Query password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (11)

Query end

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (12)

display password, Copy

select enter

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (13)

paste password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (14)


OBDSTAR X300 DP Full vs Xtool X100 Pad2 Full

“Hello. I need a advice regarding the two tools Xtool x100 pad2 full and Obdstar x300 DP full. i can not decide myself which one to choose. both of them got almost same function,but i don”t know which one does what says. so please someone who own them or who works with them can light me up. i saw that both have function for immo 4 and 5 but they really work. thanks”

Xtool x100 pad2 full and Obdstar x300 DP (key master dp) full mainly differs in functions and hardware specification. You can refer to charts below. Hope it helps you out.
Obdstar X300 DP Full vs Xtool X100 PAD2 Full

  OBDSTAR X300 DP Full XTOOL X100 PAD2 Full
OBDII Diagnosis Yes, for ALL systemsOBDII + Diagnosis (Japanese and Korean cars) Yes, for FOUR systems only
Immobilizer Yes Yes
DPF PIN Code Reading  No Yes
Odometer Adjustment(change km via OBD) Yes Yes
EEPROM/PIC Adapter Yes No
EPB Yes Yes
TPS Yes Yes
TPMS(Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset) Yes Yes
SRS Reset Yes No
EPB Yes No
Steering Angle Calibration Yes Yes
CVT Learning/Value Reset Yes No
Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset Yes Yes
Battery Reset Yes Yes
Diesel Particulate Filter Yes No
Hexadcimal Editor(Win Hex) No Yes
Timing Belt Light Reset(Manual Operation)  No Yes
Pincode inquiry 7*24 hours automatic inquiry is available for most pin code Manual inquiry
VAG 4th & 5th Immo Key Programmer Require OBDSTAR RFID Adapter (need purchase alone) Require Xtool KC100 adapter (full version comes in default)

 Hardware comparison:

Operating System Android 5.1 Android 4.4
CPU Samsung Exynos4418 A9 industrial-grade processor Rockchip civil-grade processor
Storage space FLASH 16G FLASH 16G
Battery 7400mAh 4000mAh
Resolution 1280*800 1024*768
Screen size 7 inch 8 inch
HDMI Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes No
WIFI Yes Yes
Dimension 215*147*30 240*177*24
Shell Three proofing and industrial-grade shell with rubber coating Civil-grade
One key update Yes Yes
One key enter Yes No
Language English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese French, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, German, Russian, Portuguese
Database Built-in database Optional, pay extra
Technical support Expert service team Expert service team
Price in obdii365 US$899 US$888


OBDSTAR X300 DP is superior to XTOOL X100 PAD 2 in many aspects, such as functions and hardware, but X300 DP supports Chinese and English only.


1). X300 DP supports more functions, full-system diagnosis and no need to inquiry pin code.

X100 PAD 2 supports four-system diagnosis only and does not support Bluetooth & One Key Enter functions and need inquiry manually.

2). Both support VAG 4th and 5th generation immo key programming function. X300 DP full requires to purchase an extra RFID adapter. Xtool X100 Pad 2 requires a KC100 adapter as well, but it is already included in the package.



X300 DP obdstar has faster CPU, bigger RAM, long lasting battery and higher resolution.

which tool BMW FEM BDC system KM reset

Post is on which tool best to change KM in BMW FEM BDC system? and how to do?

Tools Option:

Xhorse VVDI2 (Pay extra money for BMW FEM/BDC authorization)

Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4

BMW Explore


  1. How to use Xhorse VVDI2 to change KM in BMW FEM BDC?

Xhorse VVDI2 V4.3.0 supports reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually).

VVDI2 V4.3.0 download free:




How to Reset KM in FEM/BDC system?

Just follow the steps on the screen if you have no idea.

Price: Extra 600-800dollars to authorize FEM/BDC.

  1. Guide: BMW FEM BDC KM reset with Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4


Since Yanhua FEM/BDC Programmer V1.4 update, KM reset is working.

Yanhua FEM/BDC Auto Key Programmer source:


& software V1.4 with FEM BDC KM reset download:


OS: XP/Win7/Win10

Files contained:


Using tips:

The software and hardware must update all!!!

The step as follow:

  1. install BMW_FEM_BDC_EN_V1.0.4.msi
  2. run BMW_FEM_BDC.exe
  3. click “Upgrade adapter”, select the upgrade file: BMW-FEM-V14.bin
  4. follow the tip, wait for upgrade complete

GM Tech 2 Tech2Win bin files V182 PCMCIA Free Download

Free download GM Tech 2 bin files and Tech2Win bin files on the 32MB PCMCIA card for the GM Tech2 Car Diagnostic Tool via serial cable. ALL FREE FOR YOU, BUT YOU HAVE TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITY OF WHAT YOU’LL TRY.

Tech2 software the latest version:

North American Operations 30.007

Holden Export 122.001

Suzuki 30.004

SAAB Automobile AB 146.000

Download 1: not tested

File including:
New version Tech2 PCMCIA 165.000.rar English (used with TECH2 or with TECH2WIN)
Opel German 164.000.zip
Opel German 154.000.zip
Opel 150.020 English.rar
Saab 148.000 English.rar
SAAB 148.000 32MB German

Download 2: not tested
Tech2 & Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files Opel Multi-Language

You have inside:
Opel 165 EN; DE ; FR ; IT
Opel English 165, 171, 172 and 175
Tech2Win v2.302
27.05.2015 – Added Opel version 176

Download 3: not tested
Tech 2 cards bin files in English:

Zip file contains:-

Cadillac 117.500.bin
Cadillac BLS 120.000.bin
Opel GT Chevrolet HHR V30.004.bin
China-1 29.002.bin
Holden 1997 – 2012 V157.000.bin
Saab 148.000.bin
Holden Export V149.000.bin
Saturn Astra V31.001.bin
Isuzu 107.021.bin
Suzuki 28.007.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011.bin
Isuzu truck 11_530.bin
ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050.bin
Suzuki 29.003 eng.bin
nao 32.08.bin
opel 137.000.bin
OpelVauxhall V166.00.bin

Tech 2 32MB memory PCMCIA is available here:
Tech2 32MB B Card

Download 4: not tested

Opel Tech2Win PCMCIA V182 Spanish:



Download 5: not tested

Tech2win 32MB PCMCIA Card V182.000 English:

Part 1: https://mega.nz/#!QPYU2B5J!JvOBKyrB1bqpXuUXC8gJU8_HCAAtc3PTLwHMRGWkPz4

Part 2: https://mega.nz/#!MKIREarI!qjW5E_DD0n1UjwAYGkZyythcWj5U3qqYTDWKYmz5c7k

Password: mhhauto

Download 6: not tested

Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files Multi-Language (EN; DE; FR; IT):


For all files above

Work on Tech2win only

NEVER TESTED by professionals

Download 7: safe, work great

Tech2 + Tech2win: tested and 100% working


Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files


software includes:

Tech2Win GM     English 32.007
Tech2Win SAAB    English 148
Tech2Win OPEL    English 180 (Cars from 1997-2014)
Tech2Win Holden   English 149 (Cars from 1999-2013)
Tech2Win SUZUKI  English  01.210.020
Tech2Win ISUZU    English  K line 11.53;
Tech2Win ISUZU    English  CAN line 107.021


GM-English 33.004 1991-2013

GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013

GM-French 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Portuguese 32.007 1991-2013

update to V180

OPEL-English 173,000 1997-2014

OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2014


SUZUKI-English 01.210.020


SAAB-English 148,000


ISUZU CAN BUS-English 107.021 2006 to 2010
ISUZU-K-line is for ISUZU from 1998 to 2011


Holden-English 149,000 1999-2013

For 12V CARs only (no trucks)!!!

Diagnostics: cars from 1991 to 2013

Programming with TIS2000: cars before the 2007 year

(You are taking risk when programming a car, so it’s 100% necessary to use a 100% working software. For software untested, forget it. HIGH RISK!!!!!!!!!)

Tech2 Tech2win TIS2000 Car List:

GM-English         32.007 1991-2013
GM-Germany      32.007  1991-2013
GM-Spanish       31.007   1991-2013

OPEL-English     V180      1997-2014
OPEL-Italian       133.001 1997-2012
OPEL-Germany  85.001 1997-2008
OPEL-Spanish   91.001 1997-2009

SUZUKI-English   01.210.020

SAAB-English     148.000

ISUZU-English   CAN-BUS 107.021  2010-
ISUZU-English   K-Line  11.62   1996-2013  (new add)

HOLDEN-English  V149 1999-2013

Here are FAQs maybe helpful for some one. Enjoy!

How to get this bin file to work ?? I have tech2win working but dont know where to copy this bin file into….??

open TECH2WIN> select option Modify/View > choose quickstart > and look to Slot 0: Memory card image location

You can change your image with this or make new configuration


Just rename this bin file Quickstart.bin and swap it with your old one .

How the hell to combine the files back to 1 bin file??

Extract with winrar it should then extract has 1 file
winrar should combine all parts

How to load software on a 32GB card on a Tech2 scanner?

Insert tech2 card into pcmcia port on laptop and use mce to write the required bin to card, once done remove card and place in tech 2 and power on.

Tech2 card writer is one of them but the method is much slower then reprogramming in pcmcia slot. Tech2 card writer can be downloaded free below as well.

Please can somebody assist me I have a Tech 2 with PCMIA 32MB cards and really need to find out what program can I use to read and write these via my laptop(elderly yet still 100%) with a PCMIA Port any correct info will be greatly appreciated.

You need Memory Card Explorer.

Update Instruction For CGDI Prog for BMW MSV80 Firmware and Software

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer is able to update firmware and software on the official site: www.cgprogcar.comBelow parts incl. CGDI Prog Firmware and software update instruction.


Part 1: 5 steps to update CGDI Prog Firmware

Step 1. Connect CGDI Pro device to the computer, open CGDI software.


Step 2. Click on “Setting” and then “Upgrade the firmware”, waiting.


Step 3. Updating…


Step 4. CGDI programmer firmware update successfully, again click on “Upgrade the firmware”.


Step 5. Get message reading ” The version is already up to date without upgrading”. Click on “OK”.



Part 2: 7steps to update CGDI Prog Auto Key Programmer software

Step 1. Receive message ” There is a new version”, click on “OK”


Step 2. Click on “Setting”, then “Check for updates”, waiting until the next dialog box appears.


Step 3. Checking local file.


Step 4. Detects a new file, click “Yes” to update.


Step 5. Downloading file.


Step 6. Finish loading software.


Step 7. CGDI Prog programmer software update successfully. Ready to use the newest software.



How To using CG100 PROG III Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction ?

To have Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction, I use CG100 PROG III. The old value is 30097KM, and the new value is 130193KM.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy CG100 PROG III:

1. Including All Function of Renesas SRS and XC236x FLASH
2. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
3. CG100 with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM

Here we go.

Attach pictures:

Connect  CG100 PROG III main unit to BDM+4 adapter and then to the dashboard of Emgrand 9s12.


Backup the data


Old value



New value


This is just a general procedure on Emgrand 9s12 mileage correction using CG100 PROG III.

Have one CG100 PROG III, you may understand it more clearly.