How to use Launch X431 PRO 3 for MB W212 Throttle Adaptation

Launch X431 PRO 3 user guide: Throttle Adaptation on Mercedes W212 the 2014 year

Check connection

Run Launch X431 PRO 3 application

Select Europe, then Mercedes

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (1)

Launch X431 PRO3 has Mercedes 48.20 software

This program diagnoses Mercedes electronic control systems, including power, chassis, body, info, seat & door,A/C, etc.

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (2)

Select Automatically search

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (3)launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (4)

Check VIN

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (6)launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (5)

Read VIN code

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (7)

Select System selection

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (8)

ECM- Engine control module (MED40) for combustion engine M274 (N3/10)

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (9)

Switch on ignition

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (10)

Select Special function

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (11)

Tech-in processes

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (12)

Tech-in of throttle value stop

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (13)

Check the engine status, accelerate pedal position, coolant temperature, and throttle

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (14)

Intake temperature reach the specified values

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (15)

Select F3, start tech-in process

Wait for 60 minutes, then the learning process is complete

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (16)

The tech-in process was completed successfully

launch-x431-pro3-mb-w212-e200 (17)

Job’s done!

MB SD Connect C5 vs MB SD C4

MB SD Connect Compact 5 performs the same function as MB SD Connect C4 with newer design. MB SD C5 supports both cars and trucks. Supports wireless connection. Supports Offline and Online Programming.

V2017.09 MB Compact 5 Features:

1. New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis supports wireless diagnose;
2. New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis not only supports K line diagnose and CAN BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol.Old MB STAR C4 main board is without UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support thiese 2 functions;
3. Multiplexer will be connected via Lan cable;
4. Connector adopts Military quick swap technology, can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
5. All core accosseries adopts original new packing chip, and 24hours test, product quality is guaranteed;

MB SD Connect C5 vs. MB SD C4:

MB SD Connect C5 new  features comparing MB SD Connect C4:
1. The host communication connection end USES from design, to avoid inadvertently fall in the normal use of the communication port to connect and communication failure, etc.
2. DC 12 v power supply design/host upgrades to avoid the battery installation/battery voltage instability/host can’t enter the shutdown state, etc, caused by the motherboard and rapid  aging of the battery.
3. The host CPU radiator surface and perfectly fit alloy shell, good heat dissipation effect. Equipment running smoothly, don’t crash.
4. The host USES the tamper clasp, should to avoid fragile warranty sticker damage caused by the warranty disputes.
5. Host wi-fi protected the upgrade for PC plastic shell, solid quality does not affect the wi-fi signal.
6. OBD main telecommunication lines connected to the host end upgraded to VGA15 industrial-grade connector.
7. Network upgrade for gigabit connections/pure copper wire core/double layer aluminum foil/woven mesh/silica insulation material. Gigabit communication Against interference/pulling  open circuit / / fracture in low temperature.

How To Used SKP1000 Adds Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 Smart Key by OBD

SKP1000 Key programmer (CI600 plus) successfully added a smart key to a Toyota Land Cruiser year 2012 by OBD.

Key information:

2-button smart key

Frequency: 433MHz

Card slot: No

Start engine: One button start-stop

Device to program: SKP 1000 tablet auto key programmer



Connect SKP1000 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer function->Toyota->By system-> Smart key system 1 (CANBUS)


Maximum 7 keys can be programmed to this car

2 smart keys has been registered and another 5 keys can be programmed


SKP1000 key programmer prompt to put a registered smart key into coil, remove smart key when hear beep sound


Change a new smart key and put it into coil


Remove key from coil


Configuring…please wait for 30 sec


Program success.


Test the new smart key.

How To Using Lonsdor K518ISE programming Volvo S60 Smart Key half keyless

This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and Reference.

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Function

1. Add key: please first make sure if the key is a new unused one;

2. All keys lost:please first make sure if the key is a new unused one;

3. Read CEM security data: dismantle & read CEM to backup security data (make sure to backup security data before programming);

4. Key identification and unlocking: to identify if the key is a new unused one. If the remote control is invalid after key programming (on condition that battery has been installed and the remote control frequency is correct), try to import the CEM safety data to unlock key, and program again after unlocking successful.


1. For “Plug-in sensor start key (5-button)”, please be sure to dismantle & read the CEM, please refer to the “Operation Guide” or “Reference”

2.First time to use the adapter, you need to bind it with K518ISE. Go to the K518ISE home page and choose “Settings -> Binding adapter”, following the direction to finish binding. One K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters, and the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts. Once bound, no need to bind again.

3. “Plug-in sensor start key (5-button)” only need to dismantle & read CEM in the co-pilot storage box and backup security data;

4. The connection between K518ISE host, adapter and RN-01 board:

5. Read Volvo CEM please use RN-01 board:

6. Connection between K518ISE host, adapter and FS-01 board:

7. Read Volvo KVM please use FS-01 board:

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Operation

Read CEM security data

Volvo’s CEM is basically located behind the storage box which is in front of the co-pilot seat

CEM boxes may have the same appearance, but the back of the circuit wire location is different, can be called type A and B .

Type A: open the lid, pay attention to the black columns in the blue circle on the back of the circuit board, those are four positioning points, stably match them respectively with the white columns on RN-01 board.

Note: The circuit board is coated with insulating glue, it is required to use the washing plate water to wash it off the blue area of the insulation coating in the contact point (solder joint) , or power can not go through, if the needle of RN-01 board is broken, it will need to wire in the corresponding locations.

(First time to use the adapter, please bind it with K518ISE host, please refer to”Function”)

Type B: Its circuit is different from that of type B, it requires to wire to read immodata, please refer to below wire instruction:

Note: Connect power to read the data, it is required to separate RN-01 board to the motherboard to prevent conduction; welding line should not exceed 15cm.

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Attention

1. When programming Volvo key, be sure to dismantle & read the CEM, as to CEM location and how to read, please refer to the “Operation” or “Reference”.

2. It is required to bind the adapter when using it for the first time, you need to bind it with K518ISE. Go to the device home page and choose “Settings -> Bind adapter”, following the direction to finish binding. One K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters, and the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts. Once bound, no need to bind again.

3. For 6 keys, during operation, you need to first insert the key into the key slot and then operate according to the directions.

4. For 5-button key, please follow the prompts to insert the key into card slot, if the key can’t be inhaled, please follow the prompts to click “Cancel”, the system will prompt “Please pull out and in the key within 10 sec” , and then wait for the program to execute.

5. Check if the card is locked when it can’t be kept in the key slot, locked key can’t be kept, a new card generally will not be locked.

6. When install battery to Volvo models, please pay attention that the two batteries are overlapped, separated by a white paper in between, do not just replace the above one.

Disassemble is also very simple, remove the metal key, in the place where the key lies, please find a little knife with not too sharp blade, gently open it from the gap.

7. If the remote control can’t work after programming, that mainly because operational problems, click “OK”if yes, if click “cancel” and continue to follow the prompt to operate, such operation may cause useless remote. If this happens, please re-program (you can delete the already programmed key, as to the original car key and the key that has been programmed by the vehicle, once being deleted, can only be used to program this car).

Lonsdor K518ISE Auto Key Programmer Reference

Chip model: Dedicated chip(brand new)

Remote type: 433 frequency

Key embryo no.: No.24/38

PIN code requirement: Dismantle & read CEM to backup security data and program

Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

​Under the steering wheel (BCM position):

S60 car model

Plug-in sensor-to-start key (5-button)

Volvo’s CEM is basically located behind the storage box which is in front of the co-pilot seat

how to connect install and use VAS 5054A USB

VAS 5054A manual, esp. for how to connect, install, use VAS 5054A via USB?

Look here:

When you use vas5054a via USB connection?

In special cases you can also operate the VAS 5054A using a USB cable connection:

– To configure the VAS 5054A in the Diagnostic Interface Configuration Utility program (Bluetooth settings, activation of the built-in buzzer, auto power off),

– For use in areas in which wireless communication is not permitted,

– For applications that require a high-performance connection to the vehicle.

How to install vas 5054a via USB?

If you want to install the VAS 5054A only via USB when installing the application software, do not yet connect the VAS 5054A to your PC. When the Select EDIC to install dialog box opens, click Cancel. The application software is completed without installing a diagnostic interface.

Plug the VAS 5054A into the diagnostic connector. Open the rubber cover on the front of the VAS 5054A and attach the mini USB connector of the supplied USB cable. Connect the USB cable to a USB port on your application PC.

The following description assumes that the diagnostic application has already been installed.


(Fig. 3-25 Windows Found New Hardware Wizard )

Windows automatically detects the VAS 5054A through Plug and Play. In Windows 2000 the drivers are installed without a confirmation prompt, in Windows XP the Found New Hardware Wizard launches (see Fig. 3-25). When prompted if you want to connect to Windows Update, select No, not this time (Fig. 3-25). Click Next> to continue installation. Select the Install the software automatically radio button and click Next> (Fig. 3-26). Click Finish to close the wizard (Fig. 3-27).


(Fig. 3-26 Automatic installation of the driver files for the VAS 5054A )


(Fig. 3-27 Completing the wizard )

Your PC is now set up for a USB connection to the VAS 5054A and ready for use with your diagnostic application.

Thread: Vas5054a USB not showing up on device manager


I have brought a ODIS VAS 5054A cable with ok cool, good board and good Bluetooth.

The problem is that I tried to connect it over Bluetooth, which I was able to in the manager. Then I opened odis and would try diagnostics but odis could not find the interface

So I would try with USB. But when I turn off Bluetooth and plug in the USB, then nothing happens. I have also tried on Linux and it does not seem like the interface gets an connection to the computer at all.

I have tried different USB cables and I have looked on the PCB, but everything looks ok.

What can it be?

Rely: you have to re-identify ur interface by odis it self in Car Diagnostic Tool option to the right side column when you wanna change the connection.

How To Solved Odis Engineering cannot be run under VMWARE

Question:VAS5054A Odis-E 7.2.2 can’t run under VMware?

When I try to run Odis-E 7.2.2 it says “This program cannot be run under VMWARE”


Close VMWare
Go to your virtual machine folder
Make a backup of your VMWare virtual machine file (.vmx) and rename it xxxx_backup.vmx or something like that
Open the original .vmx file in Notepad and add the following text all the way at the bottom:

Code: = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_directexec = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_chksimd = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_ntreloc = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_selfmod = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_reloc = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btinout = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btmemspace = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btpriv = “TRUE”
monitor_control.disable_btseg = “TRUE”
usb:0.present = “TRUE”
usb:0.deviceType = “hid”
usb:0.port = “0”
usb:0.parent = “-1”

Save it, close it.
Then it will work again. I’ve got ETKA8, Elsawin 6, ODIS-S 4.2.3 and ODIS-E 7.2.2 running in just one virtual machine at Windows 7 x86.

Warning: VMware Car Diagnostic Tool will not work anymore, so no easy/copy paste anymore. Be creative on that problem, for example use your automatic syncing cloud-storage or something like that.


This solution ODIS VAS 5054A  worked for me

I added this to my .vmx files and seems to do the trick
Odis 7.2.2 now running in virtual machine
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “TRUE”

How to Program F30 FEM Key BY CGDI Prog BMW

Here’s the little guide on programming key on a BMW F30 FEM system with CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer.

Device required:

CGDI Prog BMW key programmer

BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform for BMW  F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3


Disassemble the FEM/BDC module from vehicle


Connect BMW FEM/BDC test platform with CGDI Prog  and FEM/BDC module

Open CGDI Prog BMW software

Select FEM/BDC Key Match

The current FEM BDC needs to update the ECU program before performing key matching. Please ensure that the car battery has enough power supply. Please do not disconnect cable connection during programming procedure.

Please remove the FEM BDC and then use the programmer to read and save the data from the
95xxx EEPROM chip on the FEM/BDC computer board, then click “Next”

Please read the original car EEPROM data

Read eeprom data with programmer, i.e Orange 5 eeprom programmer

and save data

User the programmer to write the calculated new data to the 95xxx eeprom chip, then put the FEM BDC back to the car
click Next

Click OK to write M95128

User the Auto Key Programmer to write the calcutaed new data to the 95xxx eeprom chip, then put the FEM BDC back to the car
click Next

Power on BMW FEM BDC test platform

The yellow indicator will flash

Coding is being backed up

The ECU is being programmed

and verify flashing

Program BMW F30 FEM key success