How to used GM Tech2 scanner disable DRLs

It is possible to get daytime running time disabled manually. But the problem can be easily settled with a scanner. GM Tech2 scanner is ultimate best choice for GM group.

GM Tech2 is Professional GM Diagnostic Scan Tool. Tech2 scanner supports all GM systems from 1992 to 2011.Tech2 has powerful function which make it is first choose by most GM vehicles repairer.

Tool needed:
GM Tech2 scan tool

Vehicle model example: 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

1. Turn the vehicle ignition to ON position with engine off. Plug the Tech2 scanner into the vehicle OBD diagnostic port. Power on the GM tech2 scan tool. Press “Enter” to continue.

2. Select “F0: Diagnostic” function in the main function menu.

3. Select vehicle model, here take “2003” as an example

4. Select your vehicle type, like “Passenger car”

5. Select “F1: Body” under Diagnostic function list

6. Select your vehicle body Product Line, here “J”

7. Select your vehicle manufacture, here “Chevrolet”

8. Select specific vehicle model, “Cavalier”

9. Select “F1: Body Control Module” under Body function list

10. Then go to select “Specific functions”

11. Select “New BCM setup” under special function list

12. Click “Yes” when the device screen pops out “Do you want to setup a new BCM?” notice.

13. If the screen prompts fails to program VIN message, click “Enter” to proceed operation.

14. Click “Yes” to accept the requirement.

15. Select an option with the arrows keys by follow the screen instructions. Click “Continue” to move on the next step. (Ignition switch should be ON)
GM Tech2 Scan Tool to Disable DRLs
16. Select your vehicle model region and saving option setting.

If you wan to change the vehicle region, go back to previous setting. Select the region you want, like “Mecixo”

Again accept the screen notice by click “Continue”

17. Select BCM module you need to program, here choose “PRO T62”

18. The new BCM setup procedure is complete and the daytime running lights turn off.

32MB Card for GM TECH2

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